Gimme' Swag - Skidmore Fountain

Being a diligent blogger and trying to keep up with the trend-a-minute shifts in modern music, I have recently found, pays off (sort of). Brooklyn's Skidmore Fountain has the distinction of being the first band to send anything to the World of Wumme headquarters specifically. Congratulations. As much as I'd like to write a glowing review simply for the gesture of clogging my mailbox, I'm just not down with payola.

The sticker affixed claims Break is "post-post punk rock with wildly avant pieces." How can you be more post than post? I'll give em' the avant, as this is extremely in line with mid-90's maze-makers like Shudder to Think and the Dambuilders (thanks to a trigger-happy cello player), but I'm tempted to call this Orchestrated Incubus. The problem lies in singer Randy Bergida, who flogs any of his band's redeeming qualities with lyrics and vocal scree that suggest he got his training from Linkin Park or a host of half-life emo frontmen. Harsh, sure, but there are some awfully talented musicians in this bunch, and I'm inclined to give them the green light to reassess just what it is they are trying to accomplish in Skidmore Fountain. Being from Brooklyn does not afford you a free pass. There are bands like this everywhere, in every city. It's "frock" (friend rock), a genre that keeps thriving because all of this band's acquaintances don't have the heart to tell them the truth.

Still, keep sending me stuff, even hate mail.

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