Of This Moment - The Wombats

I have to go with my instincts on this one. Yes, I'm sick and tired of Brit band after Brit band, with horrible names, and even more horrible songs titles, making their way to the States to conquer, if only for a hot minute. Honestly, the Kooks? I thought they'd finally crash halfway over the Atlantic, but I was wrong, so wrong. Every time I happen to skip through the "alternative" radio here, they're playing that song. The Kooks? They sold out a show here last week?

While I'll be forthright in proclaiming my love for the Arctic Monkeys second attempt, Favourite Worst Nightmare, that album has given way to the debut from Liverpool's Wombats. I know, tell me about it, another achingly cheeky moniker. As far as I can tell, the album, Boys, Girls, and Marsupials, has yet to see a U.S. release (if you're sneaky you can find it though). Surely when they land here, all hell (might) break loose. There's just something about them that's ultra-catchy, ultra-endearing, and has me up at night biting my fingers as punishment for liking another band of blokes. You'll swear it's painfully average upon first listen.

As proof I've uploaded "Moving to New York" for a brief time, or you could go here and get a taste of their new single.

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