Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - The Black Swan Brakhage

It came while watching the flawless season 3 finale of Lost, where Jack rocks a freak-folk beard, an oxycodin addiction, and In Utero, before opting for suicide via bridge jump (and it's all in the future, mind you, after leaving the island). Within the episode, there was another glimpse of the Dharma Initiative's logo for the Swan Station, which is eerily close to the one used by Olivia Tremor Control offshoot, the Black Swan Network. Coincidence? Or does an art designer on set, have a hankering for Cubist Castles? It made me joyful that I never sold my vinyl copy of Dream Tapes, the group's two-track ambient noise opus, for I always knew it would come in handy one day. Age has not left this album obsolete, in fact it's starting to make me a bit angry that more modern psych-folk types aren't admitting their debt to Olivia Tremor Control. Tribal edits and extensions, tape-loop fuckkery, smoke and mirrored guitar sketches, horns attached to oscillators; light years ahead of their time if you ask me.

Forget about Pink Floyd with the Wizard of OZ, or Grizzly Bear with City of Lost Children. Try Black Swan Network's Dream Tapes with By Brakhage: An Anthology, skip forward to his more brief, color-encrusted, 80's films, play loud (with bong and buddha box, if available), and you've achieved dorm-room transcendence.

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