I'm an Agit-Reader, You Should Be Too

Today is the start of a new era. The Agit-Reader has been launched, official. Stephen Slaybaugh, my bro Doug, and I will be providing agit-readers with daily content from around the world of musiques. Here on this here blog, I will start to focus locally. Your favorite columns will remain, Bo Jackson, This Week in TNV, Beach Talk, Pop Park -- but WOW will now be more of a journal of sorts, an outpost from the AR you can refer to for details, minutia, and anecdotes. I do intend to beef up the traveling this summer, as there are plenty of festivals and oddball eateries to report on, so look for that. Still, I'd like to put forth as much effort as possible into getting the kids on Agit-Reader kick. Think of it as your new Book It. And keep this site dialed up as supplementary reading.

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