Music Go Music Go Music

Much like Frida was to ABBA, Gala Bell is to Music Go Music, and both are their respective bands’ muse, guiding the universal strength of an elegant and extravagant pop song to dizzying heights into a combusting cosmos. Bell though is driving an organic, sugar-cane fueled grass blimp to planet Xanadu. Wave over to Jeff Lynne in that steely, neon, megalith. He’s totally hogging the sun. Music Go Music knows this, and decides to take a sideway, roller skates still intact, feeding off the beat of the glowing planet ahead. ABBA may have been from space, but it’s unsure if they ever found their destination without giggling. ELO took that mission, but it’s unsure if they ever escaped orbit. Any Orchestra head who has stayed up till dawn with Out of the Blue is aware of the party that perpetually exists on that craft. They just never put down the Revolver. Discrediting two of the 70’s greatest luxuries does nothing to accent Music Go Music’s first of three 12”s, Light of Love, this band adores both dinosaurs with equal aplomb. They’ve just decided to strip it all of novelty, well at least the music does. Mother Earth type launching that reminds you of the day you were born. “Light of Love” is the latest entry for the inspirational national anthem of a distant peace-n-orgy orb. It’s Intricate/Delicate pop made with bare hands instead of studio scalpels. “Explorers of the Heart” delves even deeper and darker, the first expedition on the barren terrain of a sedate floating rock. Am I expecting too much from the next two vinyl? Even if you can’t find that forbidden zone Music Go Music seem to find, there’s hope you’ll end up in a familiar place of comfort.

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