Stranded in Spain

Well at least the hairy huffy peanut in the middle of this pic was the only one who got "stuck inside 'Celona with the Kinski blues again." Beach was there, as was a glass of roja or three -- so is life on the road k'g. Take a mental snapshot of all the memories (no camera?) or at least a flask and gameboy.

Here's the skinny. Kids just landed back in North America and 24 hours later are back on the pavement, starting tonight in Bloomington, IN, home to Hoosiers and two incredible record labels (por que?). Then it's off to a month of the unknown couch.

You may have missed their Daytrotter session, where Jared made Malian rainbows pour from his eyes. They's tend to do well in the "real" heartland. Omaha, Billings, actual viking country -- on radio shows, trapped in a tiny studio.

And during their whirlwind tour of the kingdom, the kids at Drowned in Sound seemed to be nipping at their heels on every corner.Broken windows, lost luggage, backwards roads, frreeedruqs, lost passports, and Spain, couldn't keep the Anglos from going apeshit over volume. Even giving Matt Horseshit some well-deserved spotlight. Can't wait to get a hold of the UK "New Wave Hippies" 7".

Anyways, here's probably the most entertaining interview I've read by the band

I'm in a sea of work myself, subject to reviewing Uncle Bobby's Gone to Town, parched lips and research papers. Not to fret, though things might get a little bare around here, there's something huge on the horizon. Watch this space, this is merely a stopgap. A stopgap.

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