Random Friday Thoughts

I will soon be packing it up for a kamikaze trip to Louisville for Terrastock Seven. At first I wasn't expecting much -- add a two day record show and the anticipation of finally seeing Oneida and Simply Saucer -- you can now color me excited.

But first -- I was completely floored by the Unholy 2's Wednesday night show. You can now officially put them in the ranks of indespensible. Can I request Comfest Apocalypse? Just make sure they're hearing every word you speak Mr. L.

For lack of suitable clips, here's something unwatchalbe but, for the sake of history, critical/vital.

And the only thing I could think of after the set was this movie for some reason....

And finally I was searching for more info on the vintage Saucer (as the in-the-know Canucks refer to them) and the only old footage I could find was this recent video of a classic song --- "Bullet Proof Nothing" --- still a nostalgic trip.....

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