Stylus Summer Jamz '08

One of my favorite things that my former employer, Stylus Magazine, used to do, was compile some of the best Summer mixes known to man. Seriously, go back through the archives and check them out. The detailed prose that comes attached is always a perfect match for the overall mood of the jamz. Some guys got deep, some guys got celebratory 'bout the season, but the songs were always sewn exquisitely (not in Girl "Talk" but like those mix-tapes made with love and glue).

I never got to put one together. But I recently proposed this to be a good idea for us to do (and a good way to alleviate the boredom found in our day jobs) again this year. This week and next, each day will reveal a new collaborative mix between a random duo of former Stylus writers.

You can find them (completely downloadable) on Screw Rock n' Roll and (my new favorite blog) The Passion of the Weiss.

Jeff Seigel and I will be posting ours this coming Monday. Stay Tuned.

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Thomas said...

damn, i miss having stylus. especially the singles jukebox.