2010 Double River Rainbow Mix

I promised you a new mix and here it is. I've been thinking heavily about the chill and the relax and how not living within close proximity to beach culture really limits the Midwest's propensity for vibes akin to these sine-wave-curving upstarts. We be drawn to water no matter where we live -- just like the open road, the wanderlust of the river is usually overpowering this time of year. Head off and eventually you'll find the sea. So this mix -- even more of a nostalgia trip than before -- is synthetic in its attempt to re-live the sunset on the surf, and absolutely real in its mission of being poolside, or knee-deep in the creek. Or the Great Miami. Like the exhaling little brother to the last mix. Enjoy. (For those who still haven't picked up the Maxi Single Summer Mix, it is now located HERE. Right Click Link to Save.)

2010 Double River Rainbow Mix (Right Click to Save)

1. Ollie and Jerry – “There’s No Stopping Us”
2. Aaliyah – “Back and Forth”
3. My Mine – “Hypnotic Tango”
4. Goodwill Falcon – “Gameboy Camera”
5. Scarlett and Black – “You Don’t Know”
6. The-Dream – “Yamaha”
7. Emeralds – “Double Helix”
8. Sipho Mabuse – “Burn Out”
9. Double – “Captain of Her Heart (Extended Mix)”
10. Keep Shelley in Athens – “Fokionos Negri Street”
11. Twin Sister – “Lady Daydream”
12. Spectral Display – “It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love”
13. Oriol – “JAM”

(A World of Wumme Production, 2010)

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