In Studio A With Times New Viking

Not much to really report here. Just show you some pretty pictures of my favorite band recording in a "real" studio. I only say "real" because previously recordings have occurred in living rooms and basements, but this as-of-yet-untitled fifth LP from Times New Viking, has now been recorded at Mus-I-Col Studios ("A" specifically) where they have a control deck and separator rooms, full pianos and headphones that play in stereo and mono. "Real" living if you ask me. On this night they were mixing with Proglegs (he being Dusty of Moons) and Adam Smith (he being Adam Smith of CDR, Necropolis, and the Unholy 2, and best ear in town). What I heard, and now have been hearing all day, sounds like their masterpiece -- the one where everything falls into place. This should hit your ears sometime in 2011 -- from whom and by whom is still up in the air. So stay tuned. You get a sneak preview in the clip below. Thee Romantic Nihilist Album.

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