For Sale >>> The River House


As a child growing up in Troy, Ohio USA, I had always dreamed about living in the River House. It was situated right along our city's south levee, mere feet from the bike path and the Adams Street Bridge, across from the Troy City Park, Hobart Arena, Troy High School, the beautiful Riverside Graveyard, and a few block from the Library and our glorious (well if architecture's your bag) downtown square. Basically, if you were to live in Troy all of your life, this would be one of the most centrally located houses you could have, while being close enough to the Great Miami River to take up canoeing and act like your Earnest Hemingway stuck in small town life. Years later I've come to find out 119 Jackson St., the only house on Jackson St., has been for sale for years. Reality has set in and unfortunately the house is in a sad state of disrepair that might take a small fortune to fix. But even in that dilapidated condition, even the industrial smell of the cross-the-street Hobart plant, and the threat by Tony Frey of a rat-infested basement, if the price was right, I could see a refurbishing in my future. A man can dream. Momma said I has "vision."


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Mary said...

119 Jackson St is a historical Lustron Home. Manufactured in Columbus,OH and made of porcelain enamaled steel!- inside and out. I am the owner. We bought it Oct 2007. We casually had it up for sale in 2010 after deciding we were not going to start a river/bike trailside business there. It is presently being rented as a residence. Reality- the house is in good shape. It was placed/built here in 1950. ...and there are no rats in the basement. You are right- it is in a great location with a priceless, beautiful riverview from the windows.