Zola Jesus >> Closer to the Pop Charts?

I'm trying my best to not turn into one of those dime-a-dozen empeethree blogs, that basically recycle every press release they get throughout the day into what they consider a newsbit. It's just an empeethree kids, posting it will get you hits, but not street cred. That said, I got very excited when I saw that Zola Jesus has yet another incredible release on the way -- Stridulum II, the follow up the Stridulum from earlier in the year. If you've read here or over at the Agit-Reader for the last few years, we've been in love from first bite. Nika has come a long way from that initial 7" from Die Stasi and this new track proves it. When I interviewed her last year, I asked her about being a pop artist eventually -- she has never ruled that out. Maybe the Dark Lord's Madonna? Well -- this re-recording of "Sea Talk" from the Tsar Bomba EP is the closest thing to "Live to Tell" I've heard since Madonna did it. The song has always been there, the vocals, the melody, but it just needed some black-light histrionics and inside-out neon to shine it into a late-night club classic. The Evolution will not be Televised.

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