Let's Join Pacer Nation?

Yesterday was an interesting day in sports. First Joey Votto's wrong was righted and he was voted in as an all-star. Then, at about 9:25 P.M. EST, LeBron James destroyed any hope for human survival in Cleveland, Ohio. I wasn't particularly convinced he'd stay a Cavalier -- but this ego-boasting "Decision" played up by ESPN and Jim "Fucking" Grey of all people, was just the absolute wrong way to go about ripping the last gasp for salvation out of the throats of Cleveland sports fans. I'm not a Cleveland sports fan. I'm not a Cleveland fan. I find very little redeemable about the "mistake on the lake." But I did follow the Cavs with a fervor only reserved for my Vikings and Reds. And now? There is literally nothing left worth of value in that city besides maybe Emeralds and that entire scene who are building something out of literally nothing but industrial waste and urban blight. I'm not being fair-weathered. I'm not following Mr. James down to Miami. I am abandoning the Cavs though, because I think this is just as much their fault as it is the King's (ugh). Can you imagine what those games will be like next season?

This morning I considered leaving the NBA for good. After all, the dominance of the Lakers/Celtics/Magic axis is wearing thin -- it's not that entertaining. But I knew deep in my sports-loving-soul this would never happen. So, once you eliminate Cleveland from the equation, the closest franchise to Columbus is Indianapolis, and their beloved Pacers. When I think back far enough, they were actually my first love. Reggie Miller, Detlef Schrempf (pictured), Rik Smits, Chuck Person (greatest NBA name ever), Wayman Tisdale -- the list goes on and.....well it kind of stops there, but you catch my drift. It's time we jump ship, start a clubhouse, buy up all the vintage Pacer gear we can. What are you going to do? Wear a Mo Williams jersey? I have no beef with you Clevelanders continuing love for the Browns and Indians, but the Cavs? Did you read what Dan Gilbert spewed out this morning? I'm all for the tirade against LeBron's "decision," but that's just unprofessional and indicative of the city of Cleveland's way of dealing with the dumps. This is the dumps. I understand. I'm heartbroken as well, though it's good to know LeBron's true character before he took us down three more years of two-round playoff runs and a poor attempt at teamwork. Believe me, I bought into it all, I "witnessed." I just think it's about time to burn it all down. Who's with me?

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