Gambling Without Guilt

Yup. You can blame my lack of actual music reviews to the fact that I haven't had much time to actually bake-out in the basement with all the new records I now own from Brazil. So I promise to devote the second half of this month (post-love-day) to that batch. I also promised I wouldn't get into sports on here, it's been years since the first "box seats" post. Now however, I'm a bit addicted to watching college basketball on my unecessarily large flat-screen. I can flip through games for hours catching up. Then there are the Cavs games. Totally dashing my prejudice towards that city. Wow, never thought that would happen, the ban has been lifted. Fuck (the) Magic, right? Is that the only thing in their way.

I've never been much of a gambler, but this new site CentSports has come up with a pretty novel idea, and now I'm hooked. Hence all the NCAA action. They give you money (ok, a dime) to gamble with -- I suppose it's the gateway into ruining your life financially, but I'm never going to take that next step. I don't even gamble a few bucks for a Vikings game. So I encourage you to try this out, insulate yourselves for the remainder of the winter with CBC IPA and the semi-exciting Buckeyes. Buford and Mullens are studs, but I doubt they'll make it too far in the tourney, if they even make it there. Do I sound like a commercial yet? Expect a Casual Reds Blog here in about a month....srsly.

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