For Pens it was love at first listen. I’m not sure on which whiskey-fueled night Jared made the random myspace search for a band with such an anonymous name, but the moment I heard “Networking” (for some reason no longer on the site) I knew this trio would be fixtures in the W.O.W. Now sure, there are only three songs here to choose from, so consider this an appetizer. Something tells me by the time they cross the pond they’ll have some sort of LP (Woodsist) that’s been sold out for weeks. Currently there’s no plan to make the trek, but they’re currently touring Europe with the equally buzzed Wavves. Pens play cuddly lo-fi racket, as if we took the way-back machine to 5 years ago and replaced Times New Viking with adorable nymphs from the U.K. Mixed pleasantly with all of the post-punk Kleenex/Liliput/Nixe comparisons you can muster. Purely Prattsian luxury of being rookies, it just doesn’t seem to matter any more if it’s the first time they pick up the instrument or not – what they do here is magnetic and infectious. Go to the link for personal favorite "High in the Cinema"

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