Nite Jewel's Barbituate Dance Party

Please make sure to visit the AGIT-READER for today's interview with Ramona of Nite Jewel. Then make sure to go here and buy her record (of course it's on vinyl). Then watch below for the overly hypnotique video for "Artificial Intelligence"

Are you lost yet? It took some nightswimming to dig into this, but once you learn about Ms. Gonzalez's influence, her hopes for the future, and the notion that your children will be tripping the light fantastic in some ultra-modern dance club to her music someday -- it will all make sense. She'll be all over SXSW, please don't sleep.

Bonus video by Sensations Fix (Italian Prog-Synth Implosion, hipped to me by Nite Jewel -- many thanks for the tip).

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