Here Come the Twelves

Again. The anomaly of Brazilian MTV. Actual play videos (seems not even VH1 Classics is doing that anymore, seems like the metal block has been left in the VHS for months, haven't seen "Run to the Hills" in a while). What intrigued me most though, were the in-lay commercials, at least three per break. Here it was like a local (the alt-Brazilian contingent) happy hour for all the up-n-comers and those that supported them (the Tom Ze spots were obviously the best). But second best were the short clips by the Twelves. For simple minds, they are currently the Daft Punk (or at least Justice) of Rio, stripped of glowing pyramids and chrome costumes, but ultra-catchy disco-funk-rock all the same. You might not know them, but that's quite understood, unless you are hip to the Valerie crew from France they might not have made it to N. America. They've started with remixes of the ultra-hipster playlist, and moved into roller-skate glides, fitting their own synth-sketches into seamless mix work-outs. But here on MTV (no Brasil) they're seen working 8-bit terrain (placed incognito) in barber shops, beach walks, and the pandaria (bread stores) armed with Casio T-80s and sweat-suits. Charming little wonders, each of them, though I never got to see a Twelves video (did see the Mallu). N. American distribution? Vinyl LP?

Here's the latest mix I could find. Like Steely Dan doing Diplo.

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