Live with Los Campesinos

Over the last twelve months I’ve professed my love for Los Campesinos again and again through reviews and hyperbole befitting their prowess over…ahem…"twee-punk." After an extensive interview with Gareth, that will appear shortly on the AGIT-READER, I’ve come to learn there’s even more to this band than what’s found in their lyrics – this is a punk band, fuck the twee element (this is something we discuss in detail, stay tuned). Who cares if they’ve got glockenspiel and violins and lyrics about “puking chips near the football pitch”? They are excruciatingly British, so much I think it turns most Yankees off, but they’re pulling it off converting the youth through tour after tour, album after album. And live, almost a full year since I saw them in the modest digs of Emo’s Jr, flubbing lines and looking overly nervous, they amassed a synergy I’d challenge any band of seven to match. We are Beautiful, We are Doomed is a mantra, even if they don’t believe in slogans. That album translated perfectly live, big and bursting, a grand statement for such a group of “kids” – TNV is teaching them to drink I think. There’s a fine line between prolific and spouting too much bullshit, they fall on a far side of the former (I the later) and to add to the adage, they’re recording the next one next week. Keep it up. There’s not a nicer group in this hemisphere. Thanks for making me feel fifteen again.

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