The Wrestler was Snubbed...

Apparently there’s already a grass roots movement to give Mickey Rourke his rightful Oscar trophy back. I suppose that makes me late to the game with this post. Oscar party after Oscar party I’ll never realize that the Oscars are a junk-joke year after year. In 2008 it was There Will Be Blood that got snubbed and now it’s The Wrestler. I haven’t seen the Slumdog Millionaire yet, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it (though I can bet it doesn’t hold a lustre to the “poverty porn” in City of God – talk about robbed), but the Wrestler was deserved of a Best Picture nom. and Darren Aronofsky a Best Director nom. Correct? This was hands-down the year’s most stunning film inside and out. Let’s not even get into the Wall-E/Dark Knight discussion. Milk was certainly well-crafted, but ultimately calculated biopic fodder. And it was also Gus Van Sant’s second-best to Paranoid Park. Maybe we should all just agree that it wasn’t the year for movies….though in reflection I did come up with a pretty varied Top Ten. (disclosure, in addition to Slumdog, I also did not see Synecdoche, NYC, or Witless Protection)…..the following are in hierarchal order…:

1. The Wrestler
1. Silent Light (yes, this is a tie)
3. Wall-E
4. Paranoid Park (don't be fooled by the Elephant-esque aesthetics)
5. The Dark Knight
6. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days (2007, but released here in 2008)
7. Vicky Christina Barcelona
8. Role Models (Paul Rudd can do no wrong)
9. Milk
10. Snow Angels (David Gordon Green’s other movie)

(Honorable Mentions – Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, Funny Games, Mister Lonely, City of Men, and Rambo – yes, Rambo, so bad it literally hurts your soul)

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