Dominic Young Unique's Domination Mixtape

I've been clamoring about Tampa upstart Dominique Young Unique for ages, and it seems just now the world is catching up. In the absence of a proper album from Rye Rye, or a proper showing from once hopefuls Yo Majesty, Dominique is coming full force as a legitimate contender and not just some bootleg princess from a place that never really makes dreams come true (perhaps for death metal bands and evangelists). From "Music Time" to the relentless "War Talk" and onwards to "Blaster" (so far my favorite) -- she seems to making all of the right choices, engaging a sound that nearly spits pure neon and bubblegum from the speakers with the wit and flow of a seasoned champ. Think MC Lyte on 45 repping in Kid Sister's wardrobe and nails. Truth is, once Dominique hits her plateau (though it would be hard to get a hit with songs like "Pussy Poppin") she'll annihilate any of the lukewarm competition. I mean, where's Lil' Mama these days -- not much time left to be Lil'. Still, this comes across as a regional things, beats and synths and glowing fritters too fast and obnoxious to really enter the zeitgeist quite yet. A trailblazer if you will. In anticipation of a full-length Dominique just dropped the Domination Mixtape. Essential listening and it's all DYU all the time. Which puts serious question as to if she even needs an album now?

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