Poolside with Peter Godwin

"Cult" usually translates to "not all that popular, but eventually dug" for most artists deigned with the tag. I think for Peter Godwin, after stints playing among the late '70s glam-disco of Metro and early '80s proto-electro of Public Zone, it was the name, whence gone solo, that did him in (really? that's all he could come up with?). It certainly wasn't his debut single "Images of Heaven," which as you can see here was a pioneering piece of Poolside pleasuredom. This has the perfectly musty scent of a New Romantic timepiece, with loads of dark verve and echo -- his voice a slightly, only slightly, misanthropic downer (with hope). But here it's the synths that go off the charts, as they never get too chirpy, gimmicky, or lite, instead it's pure Blade Runner/Autobahn/Neon, "the future is in factories" vibe. This would have fit nicely on any Hughes' soundtrack, 'specially in scenes wherein Molly Ringwald's heart is ripped from its casing under pale moonlight. Or when the hero gets his girl. You decide. Regardless, this is classic Poolside fodder. My first mix is coming soon, so put in your requests for the ultimate Endless Summer jam.

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giz said...


Greetings from Mission Control Fort Godwin!

Peter is back with a new band called Nuevo and you can check their new music at http://www.nuevomusic.com.

Recommended killer tracks: Namaste, Sunset Rise, Skin and Chocolate.

He also has a facebook fan page which you can join us in the forray:


...and a myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/petergodwin


skyray is love,