Heaps and Heaps of Nothing

Goodness. Had no fucking clue how amazing Naked on the Vague has become in the course of one album. First I was into the Blood Pressure Sessions a bit -- not something you put on for casual listening pleasure. Then I was converted live, but it was still a grating scene. Now, I finally got around to hearing Heaps of Nothing, wherein they've added a full band. Christchurch, this is glorious noise and anthemic all the same. I compared 'em to a Jefferson Airplane screwed and chopped over at the Agit-Reader today, and I can't possibly shovel on enough praise for the duo. Go check out their Kickstarter project, where they plan to make the film Twelve Dark Noons. Donate and you get an extremely limited record come autumn. No joke -- this stuff is brutally gorgeous.

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