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......Collect Booty of Local Treasures.

As a member of the Local Music Community, I feel I have a comfortable grasp of the last fifteen years of so of Columbus Music History. It takes up a lot of space in my basement, a lot of time in my conversations, and a lot of my hard-earned cash. Yet, at the same time, I know absolutely nothing. I have absolutely nothing. I depend on guys like the dude who runs the currently brilliant Minimum Tillage Farming blog to keep me afloat on all that I have missed through those years. Sure there's stuff I could care less about, but it's a history lesson, and a scouring of his vaults, posting up every tape and single he feels worthy of a second life. Pictured above is the latest offering -- a tape by Skull Bank (released by Mike Rep's Old Age/No Age), who is from what I can gather, another off-shoot for the late Jim Shepard during his prime. Essential stuff the "forever lowman" can't touch. Equally intriguing is the mixtape made by Shep that came previously. Put this blog in your reader -- pronto.

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