Put a Donk On It

I've never been to Liverpool, or Bolton, or Wiggins for that matter. Always thought the only thing to see outside of London was Stonehenge and Tintern Abbey. I know I'm wrong, that's just a generalization, of course I'd love to see Manchester and Cardiff, maybe even the Midlands, just to see what it's like to exist in the Britain's Midwest equivalent. I know they have Juggalos and Crowley-obsessed metal-heads, probably all got good record collections and great pubs 'round the corner. Little did I know about the craze known as Donk -- which was spawned in Bolton (here referred to as a miniature Detroit). I suppose you could parallel the genre with Southern Bounce or Baltimore Booty or Baile Funk -- but with a Jersey Shore element involved. Notice all the chaps choosing steroids as the drug of choice. Really I don't think the Donk scene is ever catching on here (maybe in Alabama) cause all it is underneath is bad house/hardcore music and kids who missed the rave scene the first time around. Love the Donk beat though and being an observer of the people and the culture that makes up this landscape is completely fascinating film. Again, Vice and VBS.tv do it proper. Please watch. Serious entertainment.

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