Triumvirat - Dancer's Delight

I was getting all nostalgic in the complete absence of posts over at my bro's blog, Population Doug. When Blonee was on fire, them was good times. But alas, there's been no updates since Interpol were relevant. That's a long time. The synapse that started all of this boo-hoo-ing came when I was 'membering our brief stint as DJs down at the Treehouse (which has now turned into a all-frock all-the-time watering hole), the stoic middle sibling used to spin a 7" he was fortunate enough to dig out in an East Berlin thrift store back when we toured Europe for two weeks. It was by a band called Triumvirat. Haven't heard of 'em? Understandable. Their probably best known for their dollar-bin debut album's cover, of a white mouse emerging from a cracked egg -- than they are for their music. See that description on their page? "German '70s art-rock band a la Focus." Being referred to as an alternative to Focus isn't all that flattering, and taking a quick survey over their catalog reveals they weren't nearly as "good" as Focus. Purely pretentious proggish wankering with a penchant for overwrought synthesizers. Not worth your time.

"Dancer's Delight" was a separate piece of their crowded jigsaw. It was the first piece -- an a-side single that never appeared on an album. Actually the first thing the band ever released. Not exactly sure how this one didn't propel them to international super-stardom, but this style of pop-metal-boogie was quickly abandoned by Triumvirat in favor of those bloated "art-rock" exercises. There are some hints at their future in the very analog synths surrounding the chorus and the dexterity and speed in their playing -- perhaps biker gang prog for primitive computer programmers. All I know is I've always wished I was the one who found this record, as it's nearly impossible to find (even on the internets). So, going against my normal procedure I offer you the only spot on that webs where I could find this. Enjoy.

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