World Cup Fever....

I fully admit my bandwagonesque nature when it comes to my futbol fandom. I only get excited every four years or when chilling with a Brahma watching Brazil league games with the father-in-law. For me, that's the only time it gets interesting. Plus, by proxy, I get to root for the greatest team on the globe during World Cup time. I'm not exactly sure why my interest wanes once it's all said and done? Watching Columbus Crew games is like pulling teeth. I think maybe it's just the drama, the spectacle, and the overall talent on the field during one match.

This year has been no different for me. The 2010 World Cup has me enthralled, watching every match, every goal, and getting giddy with stats. As the Reds begin their June Swoon (hopefully not a freefall) and the Lebron-less finals come to a close, this is the best reality show on TV. Initial thoughts:

-- I'm not as perturbed about the vuvuzela blare as most are. It's become a nice meditative buzz that keeps the level of electricity at a constant.

-- After this morning the Argentinians have me scared -- though the hat trick was only a result of S. Korea basically giving up. Maradonna is a primadonna and a punk. Portugal and Spain shall choke.

-- Brazil's first win should be celebrated as a easing in to the finals -- after all, the cup is a marathon, not a sprint. Funny how even allowing a goal to N. Korea is considered failure for my wife.

-- I'm fully in the corner of S. America for this cup (excluding Argentina of course, but they are so damn fun to watch) -- Paraguay, Chile, and my dark horse to win it all, Uruguay (don't tell my Brazilian relatives). I think I was Uruguayan in another life.

Thanks to Steve for reminding me of all the bad music made in support of the Cup every four years.

But, there is a diamond in that rough. Namely Air Miami's wonderfully breezy "World Cup Fever." Someone please sell me back everything Mark Robinson has ever done.

Have a good Cup folks. After all, this is the "joga bonita."

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