Who Knew MES Had a Heart?

I just started reading The Fallen, wherein a British journalist attempts to track down every past member of the Fall. Would be interesting to see this done with former Guided By Voices members. Anyways, the first quote of the book comes from the master himself, Mr. Mark E. Smith, wherein he compares his band to that of a football (soccer) team, claiming you don’t keep the same midfielders forever….So, to give MES the benefit of the doubt, we must now think of him as a weathered coach, always (not quite always) able to put his best team on the field. I can live with that. Besides, how interesting would the Fall remain over three decades if it were the same ol’ crusty Manchurians in the backline? It all makes sense now. Keep it fresh and keep yourself fitter.

MES is a huge football freak --- you can even find him reading scores on UK television (this one’s a treat). In anticipation of the FIFA World Cup (the fever is everywhere, even here in the States it seems), MES has made an official song for the British team called “England’s Heartbeat.” It’s played with a band called Shuttleworth (whom I’ve never heard before this), but the real star of the show is the curmudgeon ol’ Smith, who actually sounds like the cowardly lion here, already with a heart, and hoping for the best for his country. This might just be the most warming moment MES has ever been a part of. Can you imagine him as your grandpa?

Oh yeah, about that World Cup. If you want to watch the final – Brazil vs. ???? – on July 11th at my house, the caipirinhas and feijoada will be plentiful enough for everyone. Just saying.

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