Record Store Day - The CS & N & Y Debacle

Usually a staunch supporter of Record Store Day. You know it happens most days (or at least once a week). But for some reason I was giddy this year. Jumping from a class that ended at 11 straight to Used Kids -- I found Record Store Day has gone to the early birds. Dudes willing to wait an hour to get that Dum Dum Girls split -- and then buy up everything else. Went to the next store, Lost Weekend, pretty much the same thing. Empty bins. Thanks to Mr. Shannon for holding the Fela 10" for me -- why isn't this all going to vinyl btw? I also snagged one of those Pavement limited editions -- great for a strange encapsulation of a favorite band.

What I did learn is just how amazing CSN&Young, and almost every subsequently solo record or two (or for Young -- countless). I always thought it to be weak protest harmonies to Neil Young's defiantly wild wail. I'm learning. I also want to learn how to harmonize with myself.

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