The New Horseshit - Now With More Shamans

The rumors were spreading. Rumors that Matt HORSESHIT had booted his rhythm section, but not the cardboard kick drum. Rumors that the sampler was broken. Rumors that the reason shows were getting cancelled (ok, it was only one show) was because a roadblock had been met head on. I don’t think it was as much of a set-back, as much as it was a retooling, a reimagining of the PHS branding and vision. Maybe it was the comraderie felt in an impromptu invitation to assist with sound on Times New Viking’s weekend romp to England for the Pavement curated All Tomorrow’s Parties? When they returned the rumors turned into hyperbole. Mr. Horseshit was ditching keyboard duties and acquiring two new band members in the form of Ringo and Kim (Adam and Beth, they need official PHS pseudonyms now). And after one practice they’d be heading up Oldfield’s way for a Saturday night showdown.

Of course it was rusty as expected. The beat though was automaton, almost robotic, something never felt in a prior Horseshit set. That alone allowed Mr. Horseshit to shamble freely with a comfortable base to stand on, a solid state to allow for improvisation, pure jam. Flanked by Beth on whittled and droning guitar shards or bop-inflected casiotones – Horseshit suddenly became a lot less gimmick and a lot more shamanistic. Not that I’m ever opposed to the gimmick of samples whirling around the space, cracked and fragmented, fizzy and euphoric – that’s what made Horseshit “psychedelic.” Matt has always put extra slime and grime into the electronic sections of his sets. Here, there were completely new songs, as if something as pure as “Can’t Get Enough” (the hit that started it all) had been sitting in a jar of decaying meat over the years – and now was the time to let the stench permeate the air, crush any thought to ignore what was happening up there. Wish this was one I taped. It was organic and raw, never once looking uncomfortable or “supergroupish.” This is not a gimmick, this is not a one-time deal methinks. This will grow and grow and push PHS into a new era. Funny how the two best bands in this town just continue to lap all the rest. They’re headed on tour this weekend. Check here for those dates/confirmation this all was not made up.

P.S. I still love Rich Horseshit.

My bedtime – on a Saturday no less – did not allow the crushing that followed from Puffy Areolas and the Unholy Two. Another time. Buy those records kids.

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WHAAAAAAAAT? noooo why was rich booted?