Who is Sam Lecure?

As the lowly Astros come to GABP this week, it looks to be an exciting weekend for Reds fans. For me the question has never been if I'm on the bandwagon or not when this team gets streaky. I'm always on that bus. In 2010 though, I feel much more emotionally invested in this team, because they are winning in ways I haven't seen in many many years. A prime example is tonight's series opener. Under "normal" circumstances Reds fans would be hesitant to get worked up about Same Lecure coming up in relief of Homer Bailey. Most seasons we would be a bit worried at such a development. Today though, my optimism that Lecure will pitch a stellar first major league game is peaking, even though it's not Aroldis Chapman or Travis Wood or Matt Maloney.

So who is Sam Lecure? I'll let the fine folks over at Redleg Nation do a proper introduction. Expect a full report of Sunday's game (I'm going) sometime Monday. Enjoy your weekend. I LIKE WINNING.

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