Whoa...Tame Impala

Austrailia. How come it's on top of the world and when I look at a globe, it's way down there? I'm swearing up and down that Tame Impala is actually Cut Copy, dressed up like mid-'70s heshers/bong bangers -- just like Buffalo used to do back in the day. Of course I'll need to investigate more, but this is retro with a purpose. Re-purposing for increased buzz and increased energies and increased satisfaction. Dungen has done it in recent years, Wolf People are getting there, Mt. Carmel (I know, I know) got the sound, but not the songwriting chops -- Tame Impala? The entire package, if not a bit more lackadaisical, fluid, dream-soaked and lysergic. Like I said, I need to investigate more. For now, you take a look.

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chip said...

Yes. Good.