You Can't Dance to Dubstep Yet?

Weeks ago, I saw Rusko. Or what looked like a pale specter basking in the glow of laptop rays and the red light of digital equipment. Not to mention the rave kids spinning neon in the plush dive, to many people's dismay. Mine included. I imagine with OMG, Rusko might just do the dubstep crossover. "Hold On", which features indie-adored, Dirty Projector, Amber Coffman, could be as big as "Miss You" by EBTG. Believe it. Not that I didn't think the wavelengths of dubstep would eventually make it's way into the American zeigeist -- either as radio hip-hop canvas or rave revival (the former has held true) -- but not in a, quite, traditional club track. It's like Dubstep for Dummies in it's simple brilliance. That's how OMG operates, instead of resting on Burial obsolescence, it pushes thing to Idiocracy-esque extremes. The perfect foil for Diplo's Mad Decent empire.

Now. Learn how to dance to this, please.

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