Jump Up Bright Teenage Werewolves

Yes. If you read the Hipster Runoff, which is required reading if you're a jaded cynic or double lover of/towards popular culture in general, then you may have already taken a look at this.

I felt the need to get this disseminated even more, as I find it hilarious. "It's not emo. It's not goth....it's something more animal." As I start lapping generations it seems the younger they get the stranger they get. Boy I sound old -- but it seems true. I was "grunge" - that required thrift store clothes and a Nirvana t-shirt. Now you need tails, dog contacts, leashes, etc. to make a statement. I just think this is taking subculture and togetherness a bit too far -- at the same time it's totally fucking awesome.

Who knows what brought on this attraction to lycanthropy? Was it Shakira or Twilight or the Vampire Diaries or maybe this little gem of a movie from the SyFy Network starring my favorite damsel in distress Nina Dobrev. Required viewing people.

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