Ariel Pink's FACT Mix

We've still got a few weeks before Before Today will start soundtracking our summer -- "officially" -- The guy's so busy "rehearsing" and building a Great Wall of Hype for Before Today that it's been impossible to get an interview with him. I remember talking with him way back in his Doldrums days, when he was a barely-known, doing it all by himself, making beats with his mouth and some reverb -- now? He's employed what looks to be an L.A. session band from 1978 (previously working with Christopher Cross or Marty Balin) transported to the future and given the whole of Pink's catalog. I think Haunted Graffiti is easily one of the best bands names ever. Not sure why it's so striking, but I anticipate big things for this album. Just look at the response "Round and Round" has received so far. Off the charts.

Ariel did have time to compile one of those excellent FACT Mixes, and this one doesn't disappoint. Sans the Prince song, there's not one bit of this I recognize, it's mostly esoteric/exotic/novelty psych of the highest order -- outsider music. Just what you'd suspect was filtering through Pink's mind in making the chooglin/groovin' glam send-ups on Before Today. It's coming.

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