Diplo's No One Is Safe Series

Always the sociologist when it comes to discovering "what's happening" among the four corners of the world, Diplo's No One Is Safe mini-documentary series was bound to happen. If you haven't been hip to Heaps Decent in the last few years, then you are definitely missing out. This is Mr. Pentz teaching the youth, in disparate/desperate locations, the gift of creation through innovative/primal hip-hop production. The results have been stunning and continue to amaze. But this.....? This is his plundering, packed into eight minutes of insight on what he thinks we need to take notice of...in this pilot episode, it's New Orleans Bounce Music. See, you didn't know you needed this in your life. Beyond crunk and Miami Bass --- 'specially the Sissy Bounce movement -- this stuff is gold when you find it. Perhaps you'll need to peruse the bootleg mixtapes a little more carefully at the swap-meet next time to dig this stuff up. As always, the continually impressive Mad Decent website will keep you afloat. Little did I know I got to see the keystone of Bounce Music, Big Freedia, in the flesh, around four in the morning, in Texas this past March. It was easily the strangest and most incendiary display of my four days at SXSW. Where was this stuff during the week?

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