Finally Got An Acid Tape

As you'll no doubt glean from my recent review of Psychedelic Horseshit's Acid Tape, the better Mr. Whitehurst's material gets, for some reason it becomes harder to obtain. Though, honestly, once you have the cassette player you'll need -- about a year ago I ebay'd for the exact Pioneer dual-deck player I had since 5th grade -- the "elusive" Acid Tape is fairly easy to find. How you get it is truly irrelevant (just saying, there's plenty of pirates on those webs), what's important is this document, perhaps the best representation of what he's been doing on stage in recent months (on their endless bummer tour) and where it's headed going into the endless summer. Word on the street is that el drumo is kaput and he will be replaced with some certain "kids" (at least in the present and near future). If you read this blog, you'll know what I'm talking 'bout. Go see that special show. I'm telling you now. This Saturday.

Exhibit A of PHS's recent foray into uncharted waters, mystical crystals, and Molly:

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