I Saw Harlem

Time slots in Columbus are constantly shifty -- there by 10:30 and missing both Andrew Graham's Swarming Branch and the never-heard Blastronauts (whom may or may not have brought in a good crowd for a Monday night). There were an unusual amount of people wearing hats of all types? Think I need to re-bedazzle my Orlando Magic Starter cap. I enjoyed them a ton in Texas, so I wanted to see them in my natural habitat.

Harlem are strong proponents of jean shorts, catchy little barbed-wire melodies, and suck-funny crowd-band banter. I don't mind Hippies -- true neon irony album title -- it's a tad overlong, even when the songs are brief, not enough character but full of characters, a minor hiccup. Fun and engaging, but somewhat disposable.

That must be why the kids were out. I admire the kids being out. Trying to figure out why is the quiz. There were plenty of moments when I thought they even sounded a bit like Kings of Leon, back when they were mining their "Southern Charmed" indie. With Harlem, it's the funky, sweaty bouillabaisse of Austin. Live they are frenetic and poppy, but never menacing to the point that what they were doing mattered all that much. Hey, it's a "monday night" and your club is half full, play till 2 guys, I'll even take your covers. The next day? I remain indifferent.

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