Pete and Bob -- Now I've Seen Everything

Goodness. Robert Pollard is in a revival of sorts. Of course I'm forever indebted to the prime GBV material, but over the last decade? I was always hoping it wasn't just a here and now, touch and go, career for Uncle Bobby. There are some gems, most definitely, but now I'm anticipating each new release with the same fervor as my youth. We All Got Out of the Army and Moses on a Snail are both required listening. Just as our interview with him, a lucid set of questions by one Rod Wadlinger, is required reading.

And now he's teaming up with one of the all time Ohio greats? Scoring the "positive" documentary on Pete Rose's life, 4,192. Can this be a dream? I think they are like peanut butter and jelly actually, both misunderstood geniuses, both never getting the credit they deserve. Both with questionable social lives at one time or another. Sure he's only really doing the theme song -- please let it be called "Charlie Hustle" (I can already hear it) -- but that's enough to own this as soon as there's physical evidence of this existing.

Full details can be found here.

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