Agit-Reader Visual Guide (Mid-Winter)

In lieu of getting a tumblr -- to provide visual accompaniment to the content of Agit-Reader, I'll be intermittently posting companion material here. The Agit is taking a lot of my energy, so I like to spread our voodoo as far as I can.

Here are some videos of some recent Agit-Faves.

Unholy 2

Subject of a November feature and unanimous top ten record as voted by our staff.

Click here to download one of their more recent, incendiary, live shows.

Twin Sister

Another November feature. Though I was nonplussed by their Columbus appearance (blame it on the venue), I feel this band is poised for super-stardom. Big anticipation for their 2011 debut.


Still waiting for a tell-all interview with Mr. Cox. Halcyon Digest landed in our top ten and in my top three. Please come play Columbus -- and not as Atlas Sound.

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