A Quick Visit to Dizzy Whizz

I've exhausted the Cincy Chili Quest (just need to hit up Blue Ash at one point) and moved onto to finding the perfect burger (in ode to Wimpy). In anticipation of my upcoming Ohio Burger Tour, my first addition of Burger Time landed me in Louisville. It was fate really. I owe it to my parents for pulling over at many a tourist trap over the years. You can tell the quality by the road sign - and while driving through beautiful downtown Louisville, I spied the exit for Dizzy Whizz. "Since 1947" is usually an omen. It will be at least acceptable if it's they've been there that long. Later in the night, pre-TNV, my phone informed me the Dizzy Whizz was only a mile or so away. Louisville gets bonus for being easy to navigate -- and a casual cruise through Old Louisville always enlightening. Why does Columbus not have this?

Dizzy Whiz was a beacon in an otherwise sleepy hood. You could pull in for curb service, or sit at the counter in the modest dining area. I chose to hit the inside window and order their fries and a family's worth of the "famous" Dizzy Whizz. It was cheap and quick, more a neighborhood staple than world classic. The "special sauce" and construction of the double-decker Dizzy Whizz was a pure replicate of a Big Boy. No harm, no foul. I'd like to know the history of this type of burger. Need to research. Or you could comment. Were I back in Louisville, I would certainly stop for another. More to come. Didn't have enough for a t-shirt, but the logo is tops.

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