I Saw Mark McGuire

A quick one. As I'm having a increasingly hard time trying to keep describing the shift in noise for those who have never set foot in the Skylab. I've been participating in the space more frequently in the last year. John Also has revived the once-lagging infrastructure of this fine establishment. I'm not there nearly enough though. I suppose the last show was the Unholy 2 release fiasco. One of those shows that doesn't end until sunrise. One of those shows you leave early because you just can't hang anymore. I suppose that not the usual at Skylab, as the Mark McGuire show was over and done with before midnight. Though you had the feeling no one would mind if it went till sunrise.

Here some mental notes that I took down:

Moth Cock of Kent, Ohio. Perhaps my favorite besides Mr. McGuire. Can't see what's going on frmom the back, but I'm imagining a clarinet or oboe through twisted electronics which produces a slow, guttural, almost ethereal bellow. Something else is going on. From the clip provided it's string damage on the floor, but I can't hear a guitar -- it is wailing though.

Comet Bodies of Cleveland, Ohio. There truly was nothing offensive from this Clevo duo -- basically leaning over machines, twisting knobs, making one long increasing cosmos trip. The lights in this place really accent the retro-futurist synth-ascensions of this "band." Seems like people go crazy for Fuck Buttons for no particular reason, and then kids go and make their own similar soundscapes. Beats not required apparently -- so I'm hoping Comet Bodies listen to Popol Vuh.

Nexus 2.11.11 - Skylab ringleader John Also. Sounded great from the choking/smoking room. Given the name, this was a one-night occasion.

Mark McGuire of Emeralds, of Cleveland. It's rare to see an Emerald outside of Cleveburg and European festivals. So it was a treat for Columbus to host him. Though I'm sure these guys have been down the Skylab pipeline in different configurations for years now. Since McGuire's last solo endeavor was a bit lite - and heavy on almost pastoral psych lines -- and since Emerald's last record was a loud, brash, melodic, and mammoth landmark in psychedelic music -- I wasn't sure which McGuire I'd get to see? Luckily he played it a bit of both. The house-noise-scene's Keller Williams (or Manuel Gottsching) would start the same with each of his four? five? compositions, laying out a rhythmic line and loop it. Repeat -- only shifting in a different direction -- sometimes giving the structure deeper grooves -- sometimes laying on a regal face-melting solo. It never became rote. It only got stronger. He tends to be a master of this domain. As if he spends hours a day doing this in the mirror, with headphones, getting higher and higher. Alas, it ended after about 20 minutes. Kind of scant for the epic night I expected from the Emerald. This is but one man though. Was it worth the 2 1/2 hour drive down here?

Pretty sure he played this one:

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