Top 5 Psych Wonders of 2010

Each year as my tastes continually fluctuate, psychedelia becomes more its own – something to fuck your brain momentarily (or when you need a moment). Those who know their way around the Amon Duul II catalogue, you know what I mean – there’s music and then there’s psychedelic music. It becomes an epic struggle and search and rescue to find and soak in what you can. The batch of psych-wonders on this year’s list are borne of ether-enriched planets or completely conceived in a nowhere. They are albums that function as broad, colorful strokes. They are something you can’t recommend to polite public company. Those who know their way around the (scant) Agitation Free catalogue, you know what I mean. These are delicacies for acquired tastes. Like film, it take some serious inner-discussion and deliberating to whittle these down.

Please click on the names before for some face-melting experiences provided by the following outfits. Though I can't seem to find any live booty from Completely Dusted?

Honestly, there are several more out there that I'm only now discovering here in January. If you want a complete list, please say so in the comments.

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