Sic Alps Ride Again

I didn't get the chance to pontificate about the Sic Alps latest 2XLP over at the Agit-Reader. But Napa Asylum is something I've been chewing on for a while now. It's fitting that the duo have hired a third, progressed over to Drag City (cuz it sure sounds like Royal Trux drug through a San Franciscan meadow-meal), and sprawl onto two full slabs of vinyl for their epic re-imagining. Yes. The splintered slow-flo pop of U.S. EZ has gotten sharper and stickier, pretty and gentle, but it may just be too much -- and not enough shapeshifting. Sic Alps, though, seem cohesive and optimistic in this lengthy solitaire, as if this is only a beginning. Bonus points for invigorating the scuzz machine of ol' The mass is in the mix and the whole rough-beauty gems pour out. They'll soon come out to see the sun.

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