Jewell of the Columbus Nile

If you've been reading the Agit-Reader lately, you'd know it's been hard for me to leave the 1-270 corridor in search of new invigorating music. Though the scene here is as dead as it's been in years, the usual suspects have made use going even further underground away from all the Daniels and "Great News"-influenced vanilla poisoning our city streets and the few clubs we have here (just wait, in a few months the revival shall begin, like it's 2008 all over again). One of those constant journeyman, and forward thinking-folk is Ryan Jewell - a guy I've always known as incredible but never as crazed as on his very first record, Eschew Obfuscation. Above is a video of what you're likely to see from the mostly percussive musician in the live setting -- as he's usually collaborating and/or playing a one-hour acoustic drone at an undisclosed location. Though the clip in no way resembles what you're about to endure on the record. Which you can buy here.

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