Reading Rainbow - But Don't Take My Word For It

A fuckton of Hozac comes down the line these days (years), nearly too much to keep up with. In casual conversation I’d heard about Reading Rainbow, a duo consisting of Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton, who appear to be on the kid’s permanent guest list. That makes them good people. Now they’re card carrying Hozac chum – a nice sweetcore diversion to the label’s usual glue-sniff-punk. The couple from Philadelphia seems fully aware of the wooly psych that has defined the city in the last two decades (Lenola, Siltbreeze, Purling Hiss) and riff on that notion. This 7” is how you should observe their dampened sunshine, in bright glimpses, dew-covered woodland hymnals, peeks at British folk. None the wiser though, “Over It” is a crystal vision of late ‘60s garage psych full of Nico/Velvets monogamy. The unique interplay of the girl/boy, man/woman, gender-dynamic is taken for granted in the post-Stripes universe and Reading Rainbow provide actual refreshment where a number of girl-group imitators scramble for that post-Stripes audience. This is noisy indeed, with tinny guitar reverberations and dime-store drums playing crow for dirt-weed clientele. Maybe even a more refined Jerusalem and the Starbaskets (Wumme-certified alum). Yeah, this a glorious racket, especially “Tough Love” – the b-side – even if you’ve heard it all before. The garage-rock nugget motif is only that, a template. It’s what you do with it. And even though I can’t vouch for a complete 30 minutes of this harmony – I can say, in doses like, this tiny record Reading Rainbow sound more studied than their peers.

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