The WOW Absence Excuse....OFFICIAL

You might find this funny, if you are up with my humour -- or FB posts. World Of Wumme has signed to...these days...if we signed, to Olde English Spelling Bee, though I couldn't fault Merge -- even if they sent "us" (our tapes) a polite rejection letter over 17 years ago. All of the duties that come with that imagined signing -- in addition to (over) teaching, house-werks, Agit-Priorities, bar-shifts, blood-educations, and the general lack of great music crossing my lap -- have made for a void at World of Wumme. So where did all the time go? Well....

Got the chance to play tour manager for the kids on two mini-tours.

One in Detroit -- inspired post forthcoming:

And a second in Nashville and Louisville. The epic GBV/TNV 'Villes Tour of 2011.

Nashville is a city I wished I had much more time to discover. As it was, the five hours spent in these local dives/landmarks before the show, was revelatory. I could live here. Easy. Three GBV shows in the past year, countless TNV shows, I"m a lucky man. This one in Nashville was a sing-a-long feast through all the Pollard hits. Wow.

Sadly, no pics of Louisville worth posting. 'Cept for the frog at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Not a place worth bloggin' -- go watch the Food Network. Disappointing. But it did have this funky charm.

Promise, I'm back. There really are no excuses, though I listed a few back there. Big things are on the way.

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